Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This is a picture Michael took of me
and my two favorite girls on my big
25th Birthday! We all went out to
dinner and had quite the delightful

Michaels little sister made sure to
tell me that I am officially now half
way to 50! AWESOME Alyssa, just
wait till your in the double digits lol!

How cute are our kids going to be!?!?!

Me hunting for my Easter eggs

Me when I had the chicken pox

Me and my Pooh bear :)

Michael & Opa

Someone is a big brother!

Awww what a cute little baby!

What a wicked sweet rain jacket!

Happy Birthday to me!

Michael with Mommy & Daddy

Not much has changed

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Long time no see

Boy it has been quite some time since I updated this blog of mine. Shame on me! Well lets see… what’s new???
Well I’m 25 now! Happy late birthday to me! My birthday was on March 28th and it was very nice. My coworkers took me out to lunch and then had a cake for me at the end of the day. Then Michael and I drove to Danbury and met my mom and Elyse for dinner. I got to spend my birthday with my three most favorite people!!! J Michael bought me a SWEET new digital camera that I received two days early because he just couldn’t wait to give it to me (and I couldn’t wait to get itJ) Its super fancy and I just love it! The following day I went out to lunch with some of my friends from college (it makes me sound so old when I say it like that lol) and we went to OLIVE GARDEN which is one of our favorite restaurants! I got lots of fun presents from all of them as well! It was quite the stellar birthday!
Michael and I celebrated our 8 YEAR anniversary on April 1st. We went out to dinner at this YUMMY new (new for us) Mexican restaurant in Cos Cob. It was soooooo good! We were very excited because we have been looking for a good Mexican restaurant around here for a while now and we finally found it!
Michaels birthday was April 3rd (so many big events all within a week, CRAZY! Which is why we are getting married in October! lol) We stayed home and I cooked him a scrumptious dinner and we watched one of the new movies I bought him for his birthday.
It was quite the fun filled week!