Monday, November 2, 2009

Did I really get married last weekend?

It doesn't feel real yet. I mean I saw some pictures from my wedding, so I guess it actually happened... but it sure doesn't feel real yet! I wonder when it will...

Anyways we just got back from our honeymoon and it was UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE! I was looking at some of the pictures and had a hard time believing I was actually there. The beaches on most of the islands were crazy beautiful! Looked like something you would find on a postcard not in real life! It was so much fun! We flew to San Juan Puerto Rico and left from there. We hit... St. Thomas, Barbados, Dominica, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Kitts, and then back to San Juan. It was awesome!!! The weather was great (big switch from our wedding day where it rained and poured on us all day long!).
In St. Thomas we went to Magen's Bay which was beautiful! I had never seen a beach like that! Soft white sand, clear blue water, oh it was great! We just laid on the beach and drank fruity drinks all day... it was the life!
Barbados we went to the beach too which was hands down our favorite beach out of the whole trip. It was big and beautiful and just unreal! The people kept trying to get us to go scuba diving and buy jewelry and drugs off of them but once we got used to that it was fine :)
Dominica is the only island we went to where we were nervous to get off the ship. You could tell just from looking at the port that it was not the... most safe looking place we had ever been. We decided to get off and if we were scared we could just turn around and run back to the ship :) It was pretty sketchy! There were a few times we would turn to walk down a street and turn right around because it was too scary lol! But we did end up finding a bar right by the dock and had some chicken fajita type things that were to die for! All in all were glad we got off to explore but have no desire to go back to Dominica.
St. Lucia was beautiful! While there we went kayaking to Pigeon Island. It was actually a lot of fun and not quite as hard or scary as I had thought it would be. Once we got to the island we went for a 15 minute hike to the top of a mountain and the views were amazing! I know I keep saying everything was AMAZING but it totally was! After our hike we got to go snorkeling which was also pretty cool. Something I said I would never do because the water freaks me out but it was pretty great!
While on Antigua we went horseback riding. That was... interesting! My horses name was Bright Lights and Michael's was Contriban. We had both never riden a horse before so it was a new experience for both of us. You could tell as soon as Michael got on his horse he wanted to scream like a little girl hahaha but he held it together and did great. My horse was a little fisty and kept trying to bite the horse in front of it. He ran a few times which was actually pretty cool. We got to ride them all along this trail overlooking the ocean, then they actually let us ride along the beach for a while. At the end they said if we wanted we could ride the horses into the water so like an idiot I said yes. It was the scariest thing of my life! The water freaks me out as it is, and riding one into the ocean... not a good idea. We had no saddle on and the horse was wet and slippery... something I will surely NEVER do again but I'm glad I can say I tried (unlike my sissy husband :) haha.
St. Kitts was our last stop and we decided to do the zip line thing. We were both very nervous but once you started it was not very scary at all. It was actually just really cool. It was like you were flying over the rain forest and it opened up at some points so you could see the ocean! I would do that again in a heartbeat!
All in all our honeymoon was AMAZING! We couldn't have asked for a better trip, better weather, better entertainment, it was all around the best honeymoon EVER!!!
I was only able to upload a few pictures so here are some to hold you over :)