Monday, December 3, 2007

Soon to be Mrs. Troester

So my girls are the absolute best girls in the world! Elyse and Megan bought me this AWESOME baseball shirt that says Soon to be Mrs. Troester and I seriously LOVE it! They are just the best! We went to David's bridal on Friday bc were girls and we have been waiting for someone to get engaged so we could all go and try on dresses so once I told them I was engaged the first question was not oh how did it happen, it was... so when are we going to try on dresses lol. It was a lot of fun! We found some bridesmaid dresses that we really liked so that was exciting.
I also got to FINALLY tell all of my sisters that I'm engaged! It was great, Sara's reaction was by far the best. I had on my cool new t-shirt and I took off my jacket and she just started screaming!!! It was great! All my other sisters were super excited too! Its starting to feel a little more real now that people know but I still kind of feel like I'm dreaming or something lol. I think once my mom knows and once we set a date I will be happy and maybe feel more like I'm seriously getting married :)

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