Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our weekend with Alyssa

Michael's little sister Alyssa came to stay at our apartment for the weekend. We had a blast together, we always do! We started the weekend out with a girls night. Alyssa and I went to the mall and bought some fancy new makeup. You cant start 4th grade without some sweet new glittery eyeshadow! Then we went had to stop for a gourmet snack at Burger King. Then we went to Walmart and Miss Alyssa helped me buy some cool new stuff for our apartment.

On Saturday we woke up early 7:20am to be exact because we were having new bedroom furniture delivered. So we started out day bright and early and headed out to the Maritime Aquarium. We saw a cool Wild Ocean IMAX movie. It was pretty awesome. Then we walked around and saw all the animals. Our favorite was the white alligator. There are only 44 in the whole entire world and we got to see one, pretty cool!

We came home, ordered some chinese food, and watched I am Legend. It was quite the fun and eventful weekend! Hopefully Miss Alyssa Rose will be coming back very soon to play with us again!


Jacob Bergmeier said...

It's always fun when sisters come to visit. I have a sister going into 7th grade so I know the fun it is.

Tell mike he has to work on that smile before the engagement photos :)

Shannon said...

that is pretty funny... while we were at the gym tonight I was telling Michael he has to work on his smile! now I can say someone else agrees with me! :)