Thursday, October 9, 2008

The ABC's of ME :)

A- Attached or Single? Attached to my handsome fiancé Michael since April 1, 2000!
B-Best Friend? Michael & Elyse
C-Cake or pie? Cake... cheese, pound, crumb :)
D-Day of choice? Fridays and weekends
E-Essential Item? My camera
F-Favorite color? Blue
G-Gummy bears or worms? Gummy watermelons!
H-Home town? Well… I was born in Vail Colorado and lived there until I was almost 2, moved to Hood River Oregon until I was about 5, and have lived in Connecticut (Bethel, New Milford, Danbury, Stamford) ever since. But if I had to pick one to be my home town I would say New Milford, CT.
I-Favorite indulgence? White chocolate raspberry cheesecake from Olive Garden… YUMMY!
J-January or July? Most certainly JULY! I love the 4th of July and lets be honest… who likes January? Its cold and dark and cold and… yucky!
K-Kids? Not yet but I cant wait!!!
L-Life isn't complete without: My friends and family!
M-Marriage date? October 24th 2009 (so weird to be writing that lol)
N-Number of brothers and sisters? 1 little brother who I love so much!
O-Oranges or Apples? I love oranges when they are perfectly ripe and I feel that doesn’t happen as often as I would like so I guess I’m going with apples.
P-Phobias? The dark and creepy crawly bugs!
Q-Quote? Everything happens for a reason!
R-Reasons to smile? God! Family, friends, good food, good pictures, scrapbooking, girls nights, snuggling, love!
S-Season of choice? FALL!!!
T-Tag 3 people: I don’t think there are three people that read my blog (sad I know lol) so… I will throw out... Megan, Jake, and Casey in hopes that someone will read this :)
U-Unknown fact about me? I think I was a southern belle in another life!
V-Vegetable? What about it? I like veggies!
W-Worst habit? Eating food that is not good for me and not wanting to work out afterwards!
X-Xray or Ultrasound? What… they couldn’t come up a better question… my answer is xray… xray vision that is! Xray vision would be kind of fun to have… better than ultrasound vision I guess… weirdo… next question please
Y-Your favorite food? Macaroni and cheese, pizza, French fries, Mexican food!
Z-Zodiac sign: Aries

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