Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Another one of my "cute quirks" similar to the whole half birthday thing (although Michael doesn't call them that) is that I love the first of every month! I don't know why but ever since I was little my mom made sure to say HAPPY (insert month here) FIRST!!! As I grew up it became more of a fun competitive thing. We would both try to be the first to wish the other happy first of the month. It has since become a down right dirty competition! We have done things as crazy as...

- Setting our alarms for 12:01 so we can run into the others room and wake her up whispering... I WON hehehe!

- Leaving notes on each others alarm clocks saying Happy 1st... so its the first thing she sees when she wakes up!

- Changing our voice mail so it says " Just so you know you are not winning by calling me right now because guess what... Happy 1st"

We are two crazy girls! (Now everyone knows where I get it!) There have been numerous times where I will get a voice mail and all I can make out is... Happy... and then the laughter ensues... nothing but giggling. Then she will try to compose herself and tell me again but just cant even get the words out before she busts out laughing again! It is quite entertaining. I have made friends listen to the messages and they think we are crazy (which we are) but at least its a good crazy! Michael refuses to take part in the first of the month craziness but he does always get a cute little smirk on his face when he thinks I forgot and then at 11:50pm out of nowhere... HAPPY FIRST OF THE MONTH MICHAEL! (He secretly loves it)

Anyways... HAPPY OCTOBER FIRST EVERYONE! (and mom... in Internet world I totally won today!)

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