Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas goodies @ Tina's

So most people are not lucky enough to experience Tina Sue's "Island of Sin". Luckily enough I am not one of those unfortunate people! I am one of the lucky ones! Every year around this time Loren's mom starts making goodies for "The Island of Sin". I make sure to go on a bit of a crash diet every year around this time so I can be ready for the inevitable 10 lbs I am going to gain from all these goodies. Okay that is a lie... I just gain the weight and I love every minute of it lol. This year Tina was nice enough to teach me, my mom, Elyse, and Megan the tricks of the trade. We had a BLAST AND A HALF! Not only did Tina host the whole day but she made us a delicious lunch too! She even made us special homemade recipe books with our lunch and all the treats in the book. I think we honestly took home about 5lbs of goodies each! I certainly woke up in a sugar coma after our day of cooking!!! Here are a few shots from our day.

Tina I know we have all said it over and over again but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for such an amazingly fun day!!! We cant wait to do it again! xoxoxo

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MeggieRoo said...

pics look great- you manage to take such mundane things (cookies) and make them look so high glamour.