Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shannon's Photo booth

I LOVE taking pictures. My friends and family know I very rarely leave the house without one of my many camera's. I take pictures of anything and everything. I absolutely love everything about taking pictures... almost everything. The only thing that sucks about being the only friend or family member so obsessed with photography is I am always the one taking the pictures... which means I am NEVER in any! So I created Shannon's Photo booth! I have perfected the one handed photo booth shot simply out of necessity. Since it gets old begging people to take pictures of me I just learned to do it myself lol. So I thought I would share some of my masterpieces with ya'll... enjoy!


MeggieRoo said...

you took all of those by yourself?

Either your extremely talented, or you have freakishly long arms!~

Shannon said...

haha... I have become a pro (that is if you dont count the shots that I took off half of Michael & Sara's heads lol)
Tricks of the trade :)