Sunday, December 7, 2008

JK's anyone?

JK’s looks like any modern fast-food restaurant, but photographs on the wall tell another story: decades of weenie history. The nostalgic black-and white pictures show JK’s with its hot-dog sign hanging over Main Street many years ago; interior pictures show a spic-and-span diner that has served the Hat City’s working-class clientele since the 1930s.

Anybody who's anybody knows about JK's! I grew up going to JK's. I chose to go to Western Connecticut State University simply because of its proximity to JK's... okay that part is not entirely true but luckily for me they are in the same town! Now that I live all the way in Stamford and my fiance is a health nut I don't get to JK's as often as I would like. Well this weekend was my moms birthday and that is where she wanted to go for her birthday dinner!!! We could not have been more excited. They have the most amazing "Texas hot wieners" in the world! They also have quite tasty clam chowder. Really anything you get there is great! So if you are ever in the Danbury area make sure to swing by JK's for some good dogs!

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