Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jenn got knocked up!

So I got the news yesterday that we have a baby Koji in the making! I could not be more excited about two of my bestest friends getting preggers! I met Miss Jennifer my first year living in the dorms at WCSU, she was my favorite roomie that year! Shortly after meeting my Jenny I met her handsome boy toy Davi-day! We became best buds and I honestly would not have made it through that year without them! Jenny graduated that year and David left me shortly there after but we remained BFF's. I was a bridesmaid in their wedding in September of 2007 and Jenny is going to be a bridesmaid in my wedding this October. We have been through a lot together! Now onto the next big chapter in our lives... MAKIN' BABIES!!! Jenn and Dave told me they were going to start trying to have a baby early this year. Jenn was concerned because she didnt want to be supper preggo for my wedding. I told her that the fatter she is the skinnier I am going to look so I hoped she would be 9 months pregnant for my wedding... well my wish has officially come true! My wedding is going to be October 24th and baby Koji's ETA is October 30th!!! I am so freaking happy for the two of them. They are going to make the most amazing parents ever! That little baby Koji is one lucky turtle!

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