Saturday, January 16, 2010


HELLO! I realize I have been away from the blog for... a LONG time. I'm going to make more of an effort to get back into blogging. So today I will start getting you caught up on the past couple months. Today I will leave you with some pre wedding goodness :)

These are a few more pictures from my Bridal Shower. I had SO MUCH FUN! It's not often that you are filled with a room full of women that are there to love and support you! It was an amazing day! I had most of my best friends there... even Jenny ready to pop and all. There was AMAZING food! You would have thought we were at a 5 star restaurant. We played all sorts of fun games too. It was just an all around awesome afternoon!

Then from the shower we went to my new house to drop off all of my presents, and let me tell you... there were TONS! We honestly have not unpacked a single thing from our old kitchen, were just using all of our new goodies! Anyways once we were done at my house the girls decided to blind fold me! They secretly drove me out to this cute hotel in RI right by the beach to spend the night. It was a ton of fun!

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