Thursday, January 21, 2010

The day before...

I spent the day before my wedding relaxing with my girls. We went and had our eyebrows done which might sound silly to some of you but obviously you have never been to Daniel. He is like an eyebrow GOD! It was great! Then we went for mani's and pedi's. I was treated like a princess, it was quite nice, I could totally have gotten used to that! :)

Then we were off to the church for the rehearsal which went well. Then off to Michael's parents for the best rehearsal dinner ever... at least that's what I hear. The nervous bride I was, I took maybe two bites off of my moms plate and that was it :)

Once we were done with the rehearsal dinner we should have gone home put on our pj's and just relaxed, went to bed early for ample beauty sleep and called it a night. Well that is what I suggest you do the night before you wedding. DO NOT decide you are going to make all of the bouquets the night before your wedding... that is a bad idea. UNLESS of course you have some of the most awesome bridesmaids in the world there to do it all for you! We got back to Elyse's parents house and spent the better half of the night trying to get my flowers to open up. It was quite the task and at about 3am I finally told them all I was sorry but I had to go to bed if I was going to look at all rested on my wedding day. So they stayed up and made all 7 bouquets! They rocked!!!

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