Thursday, January 21, 2010

The morning of...

I had an idea in my mind of what my wedding day would be like since before I even got engaged. I always knew I would get married in the fall. I knew it would be a gorgeous day! I envisioned the wedding party all getting together before the wedding for some fun portraits outside. Maybe a big field somewhere or a vineyard perhaps. Where ever we went it would be gorgeous out and we would take tons of fun pictures outside without a care in the world. I was nervous of course leading up to the big day. I had worries every now and again that something would be forgotten or something would go wrong but I always just told myself it would all work out perfectly, it had to... it was my wedding day. I did not once envision rain on my wedding day... not once. I also never envisioned the power going out in the church, or my cake collapsing... but those are just a few of the things that helped make our day special. Had someone told me that three months ago I would have told them they were crazy. How could any of that be good??? But somehow for us it all worked out. I'm not gonna lie... I'm still mad it rained on my wedding day... but all things considered I think the day went pretty well.

(all photo credit: Jacob Bergmeier of NoDo Photography)
(except the shot of the rain boots: Wolf Hansen) :)

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